CEA spending US$40K to reduce pollution in El Ahogado basin

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mexico's Jalisco state water commission CEA is spending 600,000 pesos (US$42,138) to reduce contamination levels in the El Ahogado basin, CEA spokesperson Alba Durán told BNamericas.

"CEA started spraying a chemical herbicide called glyphosate to reduce fleur de lys levels in the Santiago river on March 18. This is expected to curb the propagation of mosquitoes and pollution in El Salto and Juanacatlán municipalities before construction of the El Ahogado treatment plant begins in April," Durán said.

Tenders will also be launched to complete the area's wastewater collection and drainage infrastructure, she added.

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Durán said 80% of the sum is being provided by Jalisco state and the rest by El Salto and Juanacatlán municipalities.


CEA awarded US company Atlatec, in association with Servicios de Agua Trident, the 17-year concession to build and operate the 897mn-peso El Ahogado wastewater treatment plant in early December 2008.

Atlatec already manages wastewater treatment plants in Chihuahua state, as well as in national oil company Pemex installations in Cadereyta (Nuevo León state) and Ciudad Madero (Tamaulipas state).

Construction of the plant is expected to take two years to complete. The facility will have the capacity to treat up to 2,250l/s, although in a first stage it will treat 1,500l/s.